He Broke Down The Middle Wall Of Partition… Presented by Frank Selch

If we profess faith in the One God of the Bible, then what are the implications?

Are we prepared to lay down our personal pet doctrines?

Are we prepared to deal with the Scriptures alone on the basis of the ancient texts?

What about the following?

1.        Redemption

2.        The Blessed Hope

3.        The Messiah & the Gospel

                                     i.        Who is Jesus

                                   ii.        What is the true Gospel

4.        Our Hebraic Roots:

                                   i.          Understanding the whole Bible from a Hebrew Perspective

                                 ii.          The Covenants

                               iii.          The Jewish People and the Restoration Israel

                                iv.          The Biblical Feasts,

                                  v.          The Sabbath,

5.        The Family & Community

6.        A return to Biblical Worship

7.        Biblical Ethics & Morality


The objective of my talk to day is simple.  It concerns the purity of the message we send to the people around us.

The key point, I would like to make in this regard, is that in all sincerity we can easily send a message with a hidden meaning.  Because of our involvement with Israel we were invited recently to become part of group that would take a stand in defense of a variety of issues concerning Israel.  In order to present an acceptable profile to the Jewish community we were asked to draft a statement of beliefs. 

One of the replies that came back was from a representative of a major organization representing Christians in Israel. The first of four points declared that we believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and essentially restated the Sh’ma Israel (Deut.6:4).  Knowing this man well enough I know that he is also a fierce Trinitarian.  I raised a question concerning this point, but to this day I have not received a reply. 

What concerned me was this.  Many Jewish people are being led to Jesus, but then they are introduced to the Trinity.  This man’s statement declared to the Jewish people that we also believed in the Unitarian God of the Jewish people.  The hidden reality, however, is different— it hides a Trinitarian Godhead.  For all to see there is this Unitarian statement of Belief, but it is undergirded by an actual Trinitarian Belief.

The points on this handout is part of a document I presented on other occasions, some of you may have picked up a copy last time!

My call to you today is no less than my call to the man referred to above.  True doctrine is important, but if the content does not match up it is useless.  If we are really looking to present truth to the world, then we need to look at the Christian faith as a whole.  The points I outlined here could serve as a starting point.   Irrespective of that, they will need to be addressed sooner or later if we want to present the true Messiah to Israel and the world, not just a user-friendly Christ.